Classic Valencian Paella Amparín

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There is no longer an excuse to prepare an authentic Valencian paella of vegetables, chicken and rabbit. In 20 minutes and without cooking knowledge with this paella kit you can do it in your own kitchen.

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Brand: Amparín
Formato: Kit
Origin: Sin Origen

About Classic Valencian Paella Amparín

Made in a homemade way based on vegetables, chicken and rabbit the classic Valencian Paella kit Amparín has all the flavor of a paella taken in Valencia. So easy to do that you do not need to know anything about cooking. In twenty minutes and without having to mess up anything in your preparation, you can eat a natural, tasty and very healthy Valencian paella. Cooked only with selected ingredients, fresh and natural. The result is a Valencian paella with rice at its point, loose. Kit for two servings.


  • Open and empty the contents of the can with broth in a large pan or paella pan
  • Heat over medium heat until it starts to boil
  • Add the rice evenly across the sa
  • Cook for 18 minutes over medium heat
  • Turn off and remove from heat
  • Let stand three minutes before serving

What does the package contain?

  • Rice bowl
  • Cooking broth

Ingredients of classic Valencian Paella Amparín

Water, rice, chicken meat, rabbit meat, perona green beans, carob, virgin olive oil, tomato, red sweet paprika, saffron extract, salt, rosemary.

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