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Extra thick white asparagus buds El Navarrico

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Can of white asparagus buds of Navarra of coarse caliber. Alone or for accompaniments. With the Navarrico quality guarantee.

Brand: El navarrico
Formato: Can
Origin: Navarra

About Jar of extra thick white asparagus buds El Navarrico

Preserve obtained from asparagus (Asparagus officinalis) tender and very fresh. The best asparagus grown in Navarra. The best option to eat them alone or as accompaniments of meat, fish or salads. Asparagus with very fine texture and very tasty and extra thick gauge.

General characteristics:

  • DO. Asparagus of navarre
  • Preserve that has gone through a sterilization process to guarantee its microbiological stability (Ph <4.61)

What does the package contain?

  • Asparagus can 135g drained net weight.

General information about Extra thick white asparagus buds El Navarrico

Preserving vegetables outside of their seasons has occupied a good part of the research in the food industry. The result of all this work are delicious preserves that bring products from the land to the pantries throughout the year in optimal conditions. Spain is among the largest powers worldwide in this canning industry. Its success lies in respecting tradition and seeking excellence in its raw materials. The origin and quality of processing of vegetable preserves are guaranteed by the labels of Protected Designation of Origin and Protected Geographical Indication.

Either in buds or whole, the Extra thick white asparagus buds El Navarrico canned give an authentic flavor with which to enrich any stew or make a garnish for meat or fish.

How to eat Extra thick white asparagus buds El Navarrico

All natural, served from the container, and seasoned with a few drops of olive oil or accompanied by any sauce.

Why buy Extra thick white asparagus buds El Navarrico in our online store?

You can buy Asparagus and especially buy spanish Extra thick white asparagus buds El Navarrico in estapas.com with complete peace of mind and confidence. We are specialized in gourmet Asparagus from Spain and we have been selling online goods for more than 10 years. All of our Asparagus have been selected from the hundreds of Asparagus in the market and we only offer the best quality through our Asparagus shop. We guarantee the highest quality in all our Asparagus. Our website has an SSL Certificate and 100% secure payment is also available. All our Asparagus shipments are made by mail or courier company, properly packaged and without any external indications of the product the package contains.

How to buy Extra thick white asparagus buds El Navarrico

In order to buy Extra thick white asparagus buds El Navarrico, you must go to the product detail page, select the Extra thick white asparagus buds El Navarrico number that you want to buy, and click on the "add to cart" button. Extra thick white asparagus buds El Navarrico will be added to your cart. A window will appear confirming that the Asparagus  has been added to your cart and asking you to proceed with the payment or continue browsing our Asparagus catalog. From the cart page you can finish your order inserting your shipment data and selecting the payment method you prefer. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will gladly assist you.

How to use Extra thick white asparagus buds El Navarrico

If it is a product with instructions read the product instructions and carefully follow the use steps recommended by the manufacturer. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

Maintenance and Security

Keep Extra thick white asparagus buds El Navarrico in a dry place. Do not expose this product to high or low temperatures.


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Nutritional information.

Contribution per serving
Energy [Kcal] 18.79
Protein [g] 1.88
Carbohydrates carbon [g] 1.50
Fiber [g] 1.20
Total fat [g] 0.31
AGS [g] 0.07
AGM [g] 0.01
AGP [g] 0.14
AGP / AGS 1.92
(AGP + AGM) / AGS 2.06
Cholesterol [mg] 0.00
Alcohol [g] 0.00
Water [g] 95.10
Calcium [mg] 22.57
Iron [mg] 0.74
Iodine [mg] 2,14
Magnesium [mg] 9.64
Zinc [mg] 0.38
Selenium [μg] 0.70
Sodium [mg] 60.00
Potassium [mg] 220.00
Phosphorus [mg] 0.00
Vit. B1 Thiamine [mg] 0.03
Vit. B2 Riboflavin [mg] 0.04
Eq. niacin [mg] 0.94
Vit. B6 Pyridoxine [mg] 0.05
Ac. Folic [μg] 29.80
Vit. B12 Cyanocobalamin [μg] 0.00
Vit. C Ac. ascorbic [mg] 6.79
Retinol [μg] 0.00
Carotenoids (Eq. Β carotenes) [μg] 277.50
Vit. To Eq. Retincl [μg] 46.25
Vit. D [μg] 0.00
Mirístico C14: 0 [g] 0.00
Palmythic C16: 0 [g] 0.06
Stearic C18: 0 [g] 0.00
Omega 3 [g] 0.00
Ac. Greasy cis 0.00
AGP cis 0.00
Palmitoleic C16: 1 [g] 0.00
Oleic C18: 1 [g] 0.01
Linoleic C18: 2 [g] 0.13
Linolenic C18: 3 [g] 0.01
Omega 6 [g] 0.00
Ac. Trans fats 0.00
AGM trans 0.00
Arachidonic C20: 4 [g] 0.00
Eicosapentaenoic C20: 5 [g] 0.00
Docosapentaenoic C22: 5 [g] 0.00
Docosahexaenoic C22: 6 [g] 0.00
Omega 3 / Omega 6 0.00
AGM cis 0.00
AGP trans 0.00
Alanine [mg] 88.00
Arginine [mg] 110.00
Ac. aspartic [mg] 218.00
Ac. glutamic [mg] 308.00
Cystine [mg] 18.00
Phenylalanine [mg] 60.00
Glycine [mg] 61.00
Histidine [mg] 31.00
Isoleucine [mg] 69.00
Leucine [mg] 69.00
Lysine [mg] 89.00
Methionine [mg] 27.00
Hydroxyproline [mg] 0.00
Proline [mg] 100.00
Serina [mg] 72.00
Tyrosine [mg] 40.00
Threonine [mg] 57.00
Tryptophan [mg] 23.00
Valina [mg] 91.00
Simple carbohydrates
Glucose [g] 0.45
Fructose [g] 0.66
Galactose [g] 0.00
Sucrose [g] 0.37
Lactose [g] 0.00
Maltose [g] 0.00
Oligosaccharides [g] 0.00
Organic acids
Ac. Organic available [g] 0.09
Oxalic [g] 0.00
Citrus [g] 0.05
Malic [g] 0.04
Ac. Tartaric [g] 0.00
Ac. Acetic [g] 0.00
Ac. Lactic [g] 0.00
Total phytosterols [mg] 24.00
Beta-sitosterol [mg] 0.00
Campesterol [mg] 0.00
Stigmasterol [mg] 0.00
Stigmasterol D7 [mg] 0.00
Brásica-esterol [mg] 0.00
Avenaesterol D5 [mg] 0.00
Avenaesterol D7 [mg] 0.00
Other phytosterols [mg] 0.00

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