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Hombros Tinto Crianza 2012

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Red wine Hombros Tinto Crianza 2012 from the winery Casar de Burbia is a wine that combines very well with red meats. It has a flavor in the mouth is broad, tasty, round, long and persistent drink. No edges and elegant tannins.

Brand: Casar de Burbia
Formato: Bordeaux bottle 75 cl
Origin: D.O. Bierzo

About Hombros Tinto Crianza 2012

The red wine DO Bierzo Hombros Tinto Crianza, from the 2012 harvest, comes from the Casar de Burbia winery and is made with Mencía grapes. Shoulders is a monovarietal red wine made by the prestigious family winery founded in the 80s Casar de Burbia, in the DO Bierzo. Vinified from clusters from vineyards aged between fifty and one hundred years, located in the middle parts of Valtuille, between 600 and 700 m altitude, where stone and clay coexist in harmony, contributing to the grape greater complexity. Gourmet fruit and mineral character are the hallmarks of Shoulders. Good aging potential. . The Casar de Burbia winery is managed by Isidro Fernández Bel. and the red DO Bierzo Hombros Tinto Crianza 2012 has been prepared by the winemaker Isidro Fernández Bello. The red wine Hombros Tinto Crianza is presented in Bordeaux bottle of 75 cl. This red varietal has obtained for three consecutive years, since 2007, 93/100 points in the prestigious Peñín Guide. The 2012 vintage obtained 93 points. Manual harvest in the vineyards of Viña Sapita, Viña Valdaiga, El Castañal, Viña San Salvador and Viña Valdepiñeiro. After cold pre-maceration of the grapes, the processing takes place in stainless steel tanks with temperature control. Once this phase is concluded, the resulting wine remains in contact with its fine lees for two months and is aged in Allier French oak barrels for twelve months before bottling. The climate of the Bierzo, of great oceanic influence and with continental nuances, makes it one of the great areas of European Atlantic wines. The soils of the vineyards with which Hombros is made are characterized by harmonious coexistence of stone and clay, with traces of slate, aluminum and iron typical of the area. It is recommended the consumption of Shoulder Red Crianza before 2012. The most appropriate temperature to enjoy the red DO Bierzo Hombros Tinto Crianza 2012 is 15-17 ° C. The Bierzo Denomination of Origin comprises more than 3,000 hectares of vineyards, cultivated between 450 and 800 meters above sea level. The viticultural heritage of Casar de Burbia, which reaches 27 hectares spread over 52 plots, is one of the most desired in the region. -the slopes that rise towards the mountains harbor some of the oldest mencía strains of the denomination of origin, with which the top wines of the region are produced, such as those that have positioned this winery among the main references of the geographical indication.

General characteristics:

  • Breeding
  • Mencía type grapes
  • Barrel time: 12 months
  • French oak barrels

Tasting note of DO Bierzo Hombros Tinto Crianza 2012:

In the red DO Bierzo Hombros Tinto Crianza you will find an excellent example of what the DOBierzo variety, the Mencía, can offer itself. The DO Bierzo Hombros Tinto Crianza 2012 has a lively and bright color, with beautiful violet reflections throughout. The wine Shoulder Red Crianza in the mouth is wide, tasty, round, long and persistent drink. No edges and elegant tannins. The aroma of Hombros Tinto Crianza 2012 is the clays contribute with the fruity and sweet aromas (vanilla, coconut, tobacco), that are united to the minerals offered by the stone.

Pairings of DO Bierzo Hombros Tinto Crianza 2012:

Red meats is one of the best options to combine with red wine DO Bierzo Hombros Tinto Crianza 2012. Another good option to combine this red is game meat or you may prefer to combine it with sausages or with Iberian ham.

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How to buy Hombros Tinto Crianza 2012

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How to use Hombros Tinto Crianza 2012

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Maintenance and Security

Keep Hombros Tinto Crianza 2012 in a dry place. Do not expose this product to high or low temperatures.


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