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Iberian ham of field Arturo Sánchez

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Iberian Cebo Ham bred in the field Arturo Sánchez. High quality Guijuelo ham from 50% Iberian pork, fed with grain forage and reared in extensive cattle ranching.

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Brand: Arturo Sánchez
Formato: Whole ham
Origin: Guijuelo

About Iberian ham of field Arturo Sánchez

Exquisite Iberian Cebo Ham bred in the field Arturo Sánchez. Ham from Guijuelo, the ham town in Salamanca where Arturo Sánchez breeds Iberian pigs exclusively in the countryside. Each Iberian ham has been cured for a minimum period of 36 months, until the piece reaches the perfect point of curing time. The Iberian ham field Arturo Sánchez comes from pigs of 50% Iberian breed, fed with grain forage of the best quality, reared in extensive cattle ranching. The Iberian ham field Arturo Sánchez presents a great flavor and its meat contains the right amount of fat.

Arturo Sánchez is a company with more than 100 years of experience in the production of hams and Iberian products. Arturo Sánchez uses processes of curing time in dryers and natural cellars allowing the artisan production of a product of the highest quality and with exceptional organoleptic qualities. The best choice for a high quality Iberian ham . If you want to buy Iberian ham from Guijuelo, with great taste and at a great price this is one of the best choices. Each piece weighs around 7.5kg.

General characteristics:

  • From pig race 50% Iberian
  • Fed with grain forage
  • Pig raised exclusively in the field
  • Approx 7.5kg per piece

What does the package contain?

  • A Iberian ham integer with bone of 7.5kg approximately.

How to cut an Iberian ham of field Arturo Sánchez

The first step to cut an Iberian ham of field Arturo Sánchez is to fix it to the ham holder. But we have to choose on which side we are going to begin cutting. If we are going to eat all the Iberian ham of field Arturo Sánchez in a few days, we will place it with the stifle up. If the Iberian ham of field Arturo Sánchez is going to be cut in a few sessions, we will place the ham with the mace on top.
Once the ham is in the ham holder, which does not move and that the ham is placed properly so we can cut it comfortably we can start cutting.

The second step is to have our cutting tools ready. Sharpen your ham knife well and also prepare a cloth to clean the knife and a plate to put the ham cut.

We are going to open the Iberian ham of field Arturo Sánchez, once placed on the ham holder, clean of bark and yellow fat the part that you are going to cut. Never clean more ham than it is going to be cut. Cut the fat and crust into large flakes that you can later use to cover the ham. Always leave fat on the edges of the ham, one to two centimeters at least.

Once clean is done begin to cut the Iberian ham of field Arturo Sánchez. Cut in the direction of the axis of the ham, placing the ham holder in front of you, with the point toward you. You have to cut slices about 3-5 cm in length. Keep your hand steady when cutting and you will get a clean and straight cut. When you reach the bone areas, separate the meat from the bone, use a small, pointed knife.

Iberian ham of field Arturo Sánchez conservation

When you finish cutting the Iberian ham of field Arturo Sánchez, clean the ham and use the flakes of fat and crust that you cut in the first step to cover the ham. Store the iberian ham in a cool and dry place. A pantry or a cellar is a better place than a kitchen to preserve a ham. If you have a ham already sliced left, put it on a plate and cover it. Do not store it in the fridge.

Iberian ham Parts

The ham is divided into six well-differentiated parts: the mace, the countermace, the stifle, the tip, the shank and the cane. click on the image to see the parts of the ham in detail.

Ham parts

The cane is the part closest to the hoof. It contains very little meat that is hard and fibrous. It is usually cut transversely inlcluding the bone and used as an ingredient to make broths or stew.

The shank is the fleshy part closest to the hoof next to the tibia and fibula. Its flesh is hard and fibrous, with a very characteristic flavor. It is usually cut into small cubes and served as side dish to soups or salads.

The mace is the upper part of the leg when the lower part of the hoof faces up. It is the widest part and it is the ham part with most meat. This area is the juiciest of the ham.

The countermace is the narrowest part of the ham so it is the most cured part. It presents less fat than the mace area.

The tip is the part of the ham opposite to the hoof. It usually has a large amount of fat and is very tasty.

The stifle is the part contrary to the mace. It is thinner than the mace and contains less meat than the mace but as tasty as the mace.

How a Iberian ham is made

Once the pork has been slaughtered and cut, the manufacture of a ham begins. The raw hams are completely covered with sea salt and salted for 5 to 8 days. Then the ham is cleaned and washed for salt removal. The ham is hung in a refrigerated camera during a period from one to two months. In this period the ham loses humidity and the salt is distributed throughout the whole ham. After this phase the ham is transferred to the dryer, where it will remain from six to nine months under controlled conditions. Once out of the dryer, the ham goes to its curing in a cellar, where it will be curing at a temperature of 15-20º.

Curing a jamon serrano

The ham curing time depends on the type of ham. Cellar hams (jamón de bodega) have shorter curing times than the pata negra hams. In an Iberian ham, the minimum healing time is 18 months. This time can be up to 48 months in some cases with acorn fed iberico. Always keep in mind the healing time when you go to buy a iberico ham.

The curing times of a ham depend on several factors. The type of food the pig had defines the type of fat in a ham, and each type of fat needs a different healing time. Acorn ham needs 36 to 48 months when a normal ham needs 28 months. The size of the piece also influences the curing time. The bigger the piece of ham, the longer its healing time. The climate also influences since it set the conditions of maturation. At a drier and warmer climate, the healing times are shorter.

Iberico and serrano ham prices. Which to buy?

The iberico ham can have any price. You can find cheap serrano hams and pata negra hams of very high price from brands like Cinco Jotas or Joselito. The process of making a ham is a very long process so the ham price can not be low. Jamon iberico comes from pigs reared in freedom which forces the pig to have a lot of space, making the ham price even more expensive.

Spanish ham. From jamon serrano to jamon iberico.

Spanish hams can be classified by several criteria. Because of its geographical origin, because of the pig's breed, because of the pig's diet and because of the type of cure.

Origin. Depending on where the ham has been produced, it will have a different denomination. The best-known ham areas are Jabugo in Huelva, Guijuelo in Salamanca, Trévelez in Granada, Teruel ... where some of the best jamones ibericos or iberic jamon are made.

Race of the pig. There are two important breeds: the white pig and the Iberian pig. Serrano ham comes from Duroc pigs that are larger and are raised on farms fed by feed. The Iberian ham or jamon iberico comes from Iberian pigs. The Iberian pig has a black hoof, this characteristic comes from the name Pata Negra.

Feeding. Depending on the pigs diet, the ham will have one flavor or another. Serrano jamon comes from pigs that are usually fed with fodder. Iberico ham can come from pigs fed with fodder, acorn or a mixture of both. The most intense flavor comes from hams of pigs fed with acorns.

Curing. The spanish ham curing time may vary from 6 months to more than 48 months of curing for the most exquisite hams.

Buy Iberian ham on esTapas

Take all this information into account when you buy jamon. Does not matter if you buy serrano ham or you buy jamon iberico. The higher the jamon price is the better taste and quality your jamon iberico will have.

Why buy Iberian ham of field Arturo Sánchez in our online store?

You can buy Iberian ham and especially buy spanish Iberian ham of field Arturo Sánchez in estapas.com with complete peace of mind and confidence. We are specialized in gourmet Iberian ham from Spain and we have been selling online goods for more than 10 years. All of our Iberian ham have been selected from the hundreds of Iberian ham in the market and we only offer the best quality through our Iberian ham shop. We guarantee the highest quality in all our Iberian ham. Our website has an SSL Certificate and 100% secure payment is also available. All our Iberian ham shipments are made by mail or courier company, properly packaged and without any external indications of the product the package contains.

How to buy Iberian ham of field Arturo Sánchez

In order to buy Iberian ham of field Arturo Sánchez, you must go to the product detail page, select the Iberian ham of field Arturo Sánchez number that you want to buy, and click on the "add to cart" button. Iberian ham of field Arturo Sánchez will be added to your cart. A window will appear confirming that the Iberian ham  has been added to your cart and asking you to proceed with the payment or continue browsing our Iberian ham catalog. From the cart page you can finish your order inserting your shipment data and selecting the payment method you prefer. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will gladly assist you.

How to use Iberian ham of field Arturo Sánchez

If it is a product with instructions read the product instructions and carefully follow the use steps recommended by the manufacturer. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

Maintenance and Security

Keep Iberian ham of field Arturo Sánchez in a dry place. Do not expose this product to high or low temperatures.


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