Walnuts without shell

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Walnuts without shell

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Brand: Frumesa
Formato: Bag
Origin: Valencia

About walnut nuts without shell

Walnuts without shell

General characteristics:

  • Walnuts without shell

What does the package contain?

  • 1 walnut walnut bag without shell. 170 gr.

Walnut ingredients without shell

Walnuts without shell

General Information about Dried Fruits and Snacking Bread

TheDry Fruitsare so called because they all have a common feature: their composition is natural, without handling, and they have less than 50% water. They are very energetic foods, rich in fats, proteins and oligoelements.

There are two types ofDried Fruits. Those that come surrounded by a hard shell, such as the almenda, the walnut or the hazelnut. And those from dried fruits such as raisins, dried plums, apricot apricots, ...

Spain is a large producer of almonds and, to a lesser extent, hazelnut, while nut and pistachio productions are insignificant. In Spain, important quantities of other nuts are produced, such as real pinón (first world producer) and chestnut.

How to eat Walnuts without shell

As an aperitif accompanying a good ham or any other sausage. Also in salads, mixing the product with the vegetables.

Once the package of Walnuts without shell is opened, it must be kept well covered so Walnuts without shell it does not lose its qualities.

Why buy Walnuts without shell in our online store?

You can buy Nuts and especially buy spanish Walnuts without shell in estapas.com with complete peace of mind and confidence. We are specialized in gourmet Nuts from Spain and we have been selling online goods for more than 10 years. All of our Nuts have been selected from the hundreds of Nuts in the market and we only offer the best quality through our Nuts shop. We guarantee the highest quality in all our Nuts. Our website has an SSL Certificate and 100% secure payment is also available. All our Nuts shipments are made by mail or courier company, properly packaged and without any external indications of the product the package contains.

How to buy Walnuts without shell

In order to buy Walnuts without shell, you must go to the product detail page, select the Walnuts without shell number that you want to buy, and click on the "add to cart" button. Walnuts without shell will be added to your cart. A window will appear confirming that the Nuts  has been added to your cart and asking you to proceed with the payment or continue browsing our Nuts catalog. From the cart page you can finish your order inserting your shipment data and selecting the payment method you prefer. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will gladly assist you.

How to use Walnuts without shell

If it is a product with instructions read the product instructions and carefully follow the use steps recommended by the manufacturer. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

Maintenance and Security

Keep Walnuts without shell in a dry place. Do not expose this product to high or low temperatures.


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